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Do you have questions on where you stand in your faith? Do you live under bondage and wonder how to be delivered or maybe you want to discover the person of Jesus Christ? Do you find it controversial being saved by grace and still having to obey God’s laws?

You are at the right place. This platform is a space that will be used to make Grace bold enough for your personal growth and focus solely on Jesus Christ through the scriptures in the Bible that is our main reference.

I agree that one of the most challenging things in the Christian community today is that; on one hand we have believers who lack confidence in the grace of God and therefore resort to the Mosaic law to be justified and on the other hand; those who twist the grace of God into a license for sin.

Finding a balanced position and being exposed to the sound doctrine has become a challenge. Because many of the voices around us are led by their own interest rather than providing the true light of the word of God? This will be our journey in the light of the Bible with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to providing believers with a place for sound doctrine and equip them with necessary weapon to stand against the wrong doctrine.

I am pleased to know you as part of this interesting journey, and I believe that you will be blessed and transformed with the revelation of the message of grace every time that you visit this platform.

Engaging you through all means is one of our visions and by you the word will reach ten people, then a thousand, and a million for the glory of God. The great commission can only be achieved by all genuine believers.

God bless you.

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