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Leadership Team

The leadership team at Hanniel Ministries consists of ordained clergy and believers with the confidence to guide our community in faith, answer questions, conduct services and organize church events.


Josue Musoda, 

Lead Pastor

Josue Musoda is a husband, father,  preacher, teacher, public speaker, songwriter, and worship leader. He is a rising voice in announcing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ with boldness and without compromise.

He believes that the change that the world awaits for can only happen if the church of God is built on a true and sure foundation, that’s the true gospel of Jesus. He believes that the church must recenter the focus on Jesus and Jesus alone. Even when wonders are done through us, we still give glory to God.


 As a founding member of Hanniel Ministries, Minister Josue serves as  the lead pastor at Hanniel Christian Family Ministries and marks his leadership in using all means available for the church today to reach all entities both online and in person, breaking the myth of being a servant and involving every generation into building a strong and confident church.


With his lovely wife Priscilla, they are devoted to seeing the rising of our godly homes and family, homes where Christ is the master and everyone fulfils their role in marriage all for the glory of God. 


Jacques Musoda, 

Youth Pastor

As a youth pastor, Jacques is a combination of passion, love and courage. All people who meet his way admire the grace and confidence that the Lord has placed into his life.

His jovial and commitment character is a true definition of the kind of ministers that this generation needs now. As a young person, he is better suited to bringing to light those who live under the passion of the flesh and sets a tone for the revival of a new generation of young ministers.

Apostle Musa Musoda, 

Global President

With more than two decades of pastoral and apostolic ministries, Apostle Musa Musoda has implemented tens of churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in East Africa.

His leadership and charisma mixed withcompassion and grace make him a leading voice  and a reference to his peers and the body of Christ.

 His character as a devoted minister, a model husband, and a loving father inspire trust and respect from people around him.

 He believes that all believers are part of God’s family and that’s how our local churches have to deal with everyone, with compassion, love and care. Everyone deserves to belong to this family.

After imparting many senior pastors and apostles in their ministries, he has  received a call to devote his life to the gospel of Grace. Nothing but the true and untwisted gospel of Jesus Christ. Apostle Musoda is  now a founding member and Senior Pastor of Hanniel Christian Family Ministries. Where he preach and teach for the growth of the church. A church that he leads under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

Apostle Musoda is married to Minister Charlotte Faida Musoda, a supporter partner in the ministry for over three decades, and together they have 8 biological children and multiple spiritual sons and daughters, they serve the Lord.

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